Self Propelled Top dressing Applicator for Lawns

Power Top Dresser

Welcome to the future of motorized top dressing application!

R&R Power Turf is extremely proud to offer all lawn care professionals a …

Fast, Efficient, Rugged & Profitable

method of applying topdressing materials.

Is there anything else ?

The self propelled Power Top Dresser is an all new and exciting innovation designed and manufactured  exclusively for the application of soils, compost, peat moss and mixtures to turf grass.

Whether you are starting a new lawn care business, adding to your existing operation, or replacing lost revenue then these lean, mean, money making machines will turn top dressing into profits for you and your company !

Researchers agree that seasonal applications of top dressing materials enhance turf performance. Whether used with a program of services (conventional, IPM or organic), applied alone, or as a coating of material after seeding your end result is satisfied clientele.

The Power Dresser is virtually effortless. It is a perfectly balanced, great looking, and structurally sound machine, …best of all, it fits through a standard backyard gate.

Not only will you be impressed with how quickly the unit pays for itself, but your employees will be competing for the privilege to use it as fatigue is no longer a negative factor !

Gone are the days of manually spreading top dress materials by hand and shovel and breaking your back in the process !

The Power Dresser was designed specifically with maximum productivity and ease of operation in mind,...engineered from the ground up ! 

Lawn Care Professionals can now apply beneficial top dressing to turf effortlessly, increasing company exposure and customer satisfaction.

Cities, Municipalities and Boards of Parks and Recreation can apply collected compost to parks, public spaces and other sensitive areas reducing the cost of synthetic fertilizers.

Equipment Rental Companies and Garden Centres  can increase revenue and market share by offering both top dressing material and the equipment to apply it.

It's time to start your engines, …
And start top dressing, …
big time !

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